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Perms are a hairstyle where chemicals are used to break the hair’s natural bonds so that it can be shaped as desired. In this way, people with naturally straight hair can achieve long-lasting curls.

The chemicals cause the protein strains to break, the hair to swell and become soft.

The hair is then wrapped in curlers or around perms to create the curls. The main problem with perms is that they cannot be washed with shampoo or conditioner immediately afterward.


The chemicals used in perming decompose protein strains in your hair allowing it to be reformed. This process requires some time to re-form, and washing your hair using shampoo and conditioner degrades the chemicals so that it can return to its natural form.

Time frame

Remember, the longer the hair remains, the better. Hairstylists suggest a period of 24 to 48 hours between finishing the perm and proper shampooing and conditioning. This gives the hair sufficient time to reconnect the protein stands to keep the hair curled.

Can I wet my hair after a perm?

Have you noticed that when hydrochloric acid reacts with sodium, salt is formed and all acidic effects are canceled out? We suppose you did this equation in high school. If you wet your hair after a perm, the perm disappears and all your effort goes down the drain.

If this is your question, we will give you detailed instructions on what to do and what not to do after a perm. Some people color their hair, allow it, straighten it or maybe curl it to get a frame. Nowadays there is no limit to fashion; girls play with their hair with their own sweet will.

If you have aggressively straight hair and nothing can get a grip on your hair, we have some tips and tactics for you to achieve the perfect curls you have always longed for.

How soon can I wash my hair after a perm?

We recommend that you keep your hair away from shampoo after a perm for at least 40 to 50 hours. Even from a raindrop even from rinsing, if you want to keep your perm intact and crisp. We recommend that you keep your hair away from shampoo for at least 40 to 50 hours after a perm. Even from a raindrop even from rinsing, if you want to keep your perm intact and crisp.

Washing a perm before 48 hours

Once you have got your perm, it takes some time for your hair to set completely. You should always wait 3 days before getting your hair wet since it usually requires approximately that much time for the perm’s chemicals to build new bindings. We suggest that you should wait approximately one week before performing any type of styling. If necessary, do nothing more than gently grinding the hair using your fingers in order to set your perm locks.
As your hair is settling in, do not use a hairbrush, but rather comb the locks with your fingertips or, if you really have to, use a wide-tooth comb with lots of conditioners while in the shower. Keep in mind that you don’t wish to interfere with the curl pattern, potentially leading to your perm being broken or changed into an unforeseen form.


Washing hair after perm myth

Myth: You should definitely avoid washing fresh permed hair.

You will hear different tips regarding the time to avoid shampooing after a permanent wave. Some stylists suggest waiting 24 hours before shampooing, while others swear that it takes at least 3 days. The truth is that everything depends on your hair. To counter the claim of the movie “Legally Blonde”, you will not “risk deactivating the ammonium thioglycolate by getting your hair wet within 48 hours”. The wave lotion has served its purpose and has been thoroughly neutralized when used correctly.
However, the perm is an effective process and you must be careful what your hair tells you. It’s never a bad idea to give your hair a break after a strong process. Remember that the alkali in the perm lotion has lifted the cuticle layer of the hair and made it more porous, making it feel drier and rougher, so use a proper conditioner and a softer shampoo. There are many brands of acid-balancing shampoos and conditioners on the market, so be sure to consult your salon specialist to determine the best one for your hair type.

Perms & Hair color:

Also, keep in mind (particularly if your hair is color-treated) that a permanent wave can lead to a lightening of the color. The main component of permanent wave neutralizers is hydrogen peroxide, which is used as a developing agent for permanent wave hair color formulations. Due to the fact that the cuticle is raised already during the perming procedure, the peroxide readily enters the hair and dissolves the color, even though the peroxide solution is significantly milder in the perm formula compared to hair color.
Therefore, this is also the reason why you should perm your hair before coloring it. Otherwise, you risk that the color fades. How long you have to wait between perming and coloring, discuss with your professional, and ask him when he thinks your hair is in the right condition for the subsequent coloring process.

When to wash your hair after a perm

Among the greatest mistakes, you can make in perming hair care is washing out your locks to fast after the procedure. You should therefore be sure to listen to the instructions of your hairdresser. It is normal that after a perm you need to wait 48 hours before washing your hair.

Washing your hair – 10 tips for beautiful hair

Perhaps you find this to be far too obvious to you and that you have progressed much further with your hair care, however you may make some basic mistakes. Just like when riding a bike, we noticed most of our friends could not teach us how to start and stop. It is quite simple to forget the proper manner of doing anything once you are so familiar with it and have formed bad habits. Each one has different hair, however, below are a couple of simple hints to keep a better eye on your locks.

1. Try not to wash your hair excessively. The majority of people do not have to wash their hair on a daily basis. However, when you do, it may be due to choosing the incorrect care products for your hair and skin type.

2. Apply just shampoo to your head and rub it in lightly. Do not put your hair over each other and do not rub it, because this will just cause lumps. Softly distribute the shampoo to the ends of your hair and wash it out well.

3. Forget the foam, wash out and redo the procedure. It is just a great advertising concept to make you use a greater amount of shampoo. You only have to apply the shampoo one time.

4. However, you love that “clean” effect if you wash your hair two times, right? In case you use a lot of silicone or wax stuff, you should attempt to shampoo once or twice a month using a clearing shampoo rather than your standard shampoo.

5. For girls with curly hair, you may wish to avoid shampoo at all. We know it seems weird, but wavy hair is usually quite dry, and simply washing it with a conditioner will freshen your hair and keep it from drying out.

6. Did you once suffer from an itchy scalp after you washed your hair? Try to refrain from using conditioner on your hair roots. Begin in the middle of the length of your hair and genuinely condition the ends of your hair. Softly comb them through and leave it on for a minute or more, and the more time the better.

7. Rinse your hair in cool water. Make certain to completely rinse off the conditioner and finalize with cool water. It’s a tough job in winter, therefore do not feel cold in ice water, however, a cool rinse with water should lock up the cuticle and retain the moisture to every strand. It is fine to shampoo the hair in warm water, but end it with a cool rinse.

8. Never brush your hair when it is wet. Use a broad comb rather to softly smooth your hair.

9. Let the towel dry. Avoid wiping your hair with a towel, it will only harm your hair and leave it looking blunt. Rather, softly remove the excessive moisture and leave it air dry.

10. Procedures. Hair masks are indispensable if you use warm styling products or dye your hair. Although if you do not, you will still enjoy the hydration that a mask gives you. Normally it is put on somewhere in between the shampoo and conditioner, so you can leave the shower, drink a cup of tea and check out some blogs while letting it work, or you can do some household tasks.

Best products for Permed Hair

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Hints for the care of permed hair

At this stage, you may either be scheduling a perm or you may already be getting a perm. If you would like your perm to keep on appearing as fantastic as it was on the very first day, there are a few hints regarding your hair care products.

  • Make sure you use a shampoo intended for use on chemically treated hair. This kind of product is formulated with mild components that provide nourishment for damaged hair. In any case, do not use strong chemicals.
  • Treat your hair each time you wash it. The proper conditioner for chemically treated hair will not loosen and spoil your perm but will help to untangle and shape your curls.
  • Occasionally put on a very nurturing hair mask. Given that you have gone through a rough treatment for your perm, you have to return your hair its nutrients, without which it would look like a frizzy mess.
  • Avoid blow-drying your hair and do not use thin, toothed combs. Choose a wide-toothed comb rather and complete the effect with a mousse for curly hair (the specific formulation enhances the locks and gives them a more volatile appearance).
  • Apply a hair cream throughout the day to maintain your hair. The only difference between a hair cream and a hair mousse is the fact that the cream offers no hold. It just keeps the locks appearing nice and glossy.
  • From time to time, a spray will help control the hair loss and keep the locks firmly in place.
  • For the first 3 days of the “perm”, we recommend that you do not use any type of treatment on your hair. The permanent wave formulation needs time to set. Even the finest products for permed hair will only work for you once the perm is set.

Dos and don’t of receiving the perm


  • Find a hairdresser who regularly does perms and has developed skills beyond the textbook perms sets normally taught in beauty school. These are different from the original perms, and someone who keeps up with this trend will know how to position the sticks so that the effect is light, airy, wavy hair.
  • Schedule a consultation before you plan this service and have a conversation about the size of the perming rods and the strength of a perming solution that they will use. The larger the stick, the looser the curl will be. The smaller the bar, the tighter the curl will be. The lower the PH of the solution, the looser the curls will be.


  • DO NOT follow this if you have damaged or ultra-fine hair. Instead, grow out the damaged hair and let the service work when your hair is strong and healthy.
  • DO NOT do this if you have scalp abrasions or disease or if you have had your hair chemically straightened.
  • DO NOT try this at home.

For the first few days:

  • Do not wash your hair or moisten it.
  • Use a blow-dryer or an iron in case your hair becomes wet during the first days.
  • Use a blow-dryer or iron to smooth your hair to get rid of creases you may get during sleep.
  • Do not train or perspire.
  • Use shampoo approved by your hairstylist that contains no sodium chloride.
curly hair review

Final mark

If you need to “style” your hair before the recommended waiting time, you should use light styling products to refresh the look. Use your good judgment and be gentle with your hair.

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