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A beautiful, firm neck looks youthful and feminine. With these anti-aging tips you can prevent and tighten neck wrinkles!

In youth, many are blessed with a petite, slender neck that doesn’t need any extra care. And while we gradually expand our facial care program from 25+ and invest in good anti-aging creams, we often treat our neck area rather stepmotherly. A real beauty faux pas! Because even our thin, delicate skin on the neck forms wrinkles that quickly make us look older.

Neck wrinkles: Where do they come from?

Our skin on the neck is very thin and therefore also particularly vulnerable. Similar to our eye area, the skin on the neck has hardly any sebaceous and sweat glands that supply it with fat and moisture. In addition, the skin on the neck is not equipped with subcutaneous fat and connective tissue. As a result, daily movements and stress on our neck become visible very quickly and lines and wrinkles form. In addition, stress and environmental factors, such as UV rays and dry heating air, stress our skin on the neck as much as our face.

Therefore, only one thing helps: pay more attention to the neck in the daily care ritual and prevent it as early as possible!

We tell you what the optimal anti-aging program for your neck area should look like.

This is how you can prevent neck wrinkles

Cream, cream, cream!

A simple method to prevent neck wrinkles is to include the neck area in the morning and evening care routine. So: Every time you apply cream, you should also care for your neck! The day or night care that you use for your face is best suited. When applying daycare to the face and neck, always make sure to use a cream with a sun protection factor to optimally protect the skin from UV-induced skin aging. In the evening, you can also care for your neck with a rich body lotion.

Tip: The care is particularly effective in combination with a nourishing lotion. Simply apply this with a cotton pad before care. The lotion acts as a kind of thirst quencher for the skin and improves the effectiveness of the cream that follows.

Include more fish and vegetables in your diet

A healthy and balanced diet not only makes us slimmer and fitter – it can also be seen in the condition of our skin, hair, and nails. Vitamins and minerals have an antioxidant effect. They fight free radicals and thus also protect our skin cells. A lack of antioxidants, on the other hand, causes a lack of elasticity in our skin, which leads to wrinkles. Lacks elasticity, which leads to wrinkles and a dull, tired complexion.

Many antioxidants are found, for example, in:

  • Salads
  • Fruits
  • Sprouts, such as lentil or wheat sprouts
  • Nuts
  • Natural oils and fats

Various studies also show that people who eat mainly fish, vegetables, and dairy products are less prone to wrinkles.

Supply the skin with fluid from the inside

Dryness and wrinkles on the neck are mainly caused by insufficient fluid intake. Therefore, it is not enough to pamper the skin only from the outside with rich creams. Our skin must also be supplied with fluid from the inside to prevent neck wrinkles. Therefore: drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day!

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Neck & Chest Skincare Routine

Prevent neck wrinkles while you sleep

Horizontal wrinkles on the neck can be prevented with the right posture, for example when sleeping. Back sleepers have a clear advantage here. Sleeping on your back automatically relaxes your neck and shoulders.

The result: the neck lies straight and is stretched, which means fewer wrinkles can form.

If, on the other hand, we lie on our stomach or side, the skin on the neck wrinkles and forms transverse folds.

Tip: A neck pillow can work small miracles in changing one’s sleeping position. Another option is to bed your head as high as possible.

A cramped posture, for example, when working at the computer, also makes our delicate skin on the neck look wrinkled more quickly. Remind yourself every now and then to adopt a relaxed posture, lower your shoulders and stretch your neck.

Extra care with massages and oil wraps

Regular massages that stimulate blood circulation can help prevent and tighten neck wrinkles. Special anti-aging skincare products and treatments for the neck and décolleté contain additional ingredients that ensure that the firming collagen in the skin is strengthened.

Tip: It is best to incorporate the massage before going to bed. Then apply the night cream a little more generously and leave it on overnight.

A homemade oil wrap also has a positive effect on the delicate skin on the neck. Simply whisk wheat germ oil with an egg yolk. Then gently apply to the neck and wrap a cotton cloth around it. Leave the whole thing on for as long as possible. The remains of the oil wrap can be washed off with clean water.

Sport and exercise in the fresh air are good for the complexion

Under no circumstances should you underestimate the importance of sufficient exercise for the health of your skin. Especially in the fresh air, exercise can work wonders, so to speak: a daily walk outdoors boosts your circulation, promotes metabolism, and refreshes your complexion. So if you do your exercise outdoors, you’ll benefit from your workout in more ways than one. Give it a try and use regular exercise as one of the most valuable tips against wrinkles and for toning your entire body!

Neck Skincare Routine

Can neck wrinkles be removed with cosmetic surgery?

Basically, clearly visible wrinkles on the neck area are more difficult to remove than wrinkles on the face. Nevertheless, it is possible for specialists to reduce the visibility of aging skin. The different possibilities vary on the one hand due to the expression of the wrinkles and on the other hand due to the skin tissue.

Transverse wrinkles that run horizontally along the neck can be tightened by injections of collagen and hyaluronic acid. This effect usually lasts for about half a year.

The visibility of longitudinal wrinkles can be treated with Botox. However, this treatment depends on the neck muscles. In this case, the more pronounced the musculature is, the more visible the skin tightening will be. The reason: the nerve agent is injected into the muscle. If the tissue is too flabby, it quickly dissipates. If the skin on the neck is visibly sagging, the neck can be lifted by a surgical procedure. The excess skin is removed and the muscle structure is lifted.

How to care for your neck: basic rules

Let’s list the key rules of neck care:

  • Start as early as possible. Removing wrinkles in the neckline area at home is much more difficult than slowing down their appearance. Age-related changes in this area appear from the age of 25. Do not forget to take care of it with the same attention as the face.
  • Use specific products for the decollete and neck area. At a young age, cleansing formulas, peels, moisturizing creams, and serums are sufficient. To slow down aging, you’ll need intensive care. These are anti-aging creams with a lifting effect, which thicken the skin, prevent sagging, reduce the depth of horizontal creases, and lighten pigmentation. An ordinary cream can not do such feats.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just one cream. The complete care of your decollete and neck area includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, serums, and masks.
  • Apply beauty products correctly. Cosmetics for neck and décolleté care are applied from the bottom up, without pressure. Massage from the center to the periphery, avoiding the thyroid area.
  • Take care of your posture during sleep. If you constantly slouch, read lying down and sleep on a pillow that is too high, no neck and décolleté cream can cope with wrinkles, flabbiness, and pulls.

Daily care for the décolleté and neck area: 7 steps

Here’s a step-by-step guide to caring for your décolleté and neck:

  1. Use a mild cleanser, such as milk, in the morning. This will help remove the remains of the cream you applied at night, as well as accumulated sebum particles.
  2. Wipe your neck with a toner that suits your skin type. Apply the cream to your neck and décolleté zone, smoothing it gently from your chest to your shoulders and upward from your collarbones.
  3. In warm seasons, when your neck is not covered by a high neck sweater or scarf, use sunscreen or day cream with an SPF filter.
  4. Evening cleansing time, especially if you apply foundation and powder to your neck. Micellar water, milk, cleansing gel – the choice is yours.
  5. Finish your cleansing with a toner so that your skin restores its pH faster and better absorbs the active ingredients from the cream.
  6. Your decollete and neck skincare will be more effective if you use a rejuvenating serum. Apply it to cleansed skin and allow it to soak in. Then the turn of the cream.
  7. The frequency of application of the mask for neck and cleavage from the wrinkles at home – at least once a week. Every two weeks, complete your neck care with a peel or scrub. This will help remove the layer of dead cells and activate skin renewal.

This is a basic scheme of the neck and décolleté care, the habit of sticking to such a beauty routine is already half the success. The choice of cosmetics and additional supporting procedures depends on the age and condition of the skin.

How to Apply Skincare on Neck? — Video

Skincare for wrinkles on neck — FAQ

❓ Should I moisturize my neck?

If you don’t opt for a special anti-aging cream for your neck, always remember to apply your daily moisturizer to your throat and breast area. Otherwise, you could wind up with a perfectly smooth face and not-so-attractive neck and chest skin.

❓ Can vitamin C serum be used on neck?

Yes. Take a few drops in the palm of your hand and massage gently into the skin of your face and neck with your fingertips. This can be done once or twice a day.

❓ Can I scrub my neck?

Yes. Exfoliate your neck once a week to remove old skin, dead skin from the surface. You can make things easy for yourself by just exfoliating your face and neck in the shower at the same time.

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