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The menstrual cup Lunette triggers absolute satisfaction among many users. Starting with an attractive packaging and matching accessories to the choice of colors – we have taken a closer look at the Lunette for you.

It has much more to offer than high-quality workmanship and the choice of several sizes.

In the following guide, we will introduce you to everything about the material, the special features, and the wearing comfort. Then you can decide for yourself which cup is right for you.

A closer look at the packaging of Lunette Menstrual Cup

Scope of delivery of the Lunette: in a soft fabric pouch.

The Lunette is delivered in a box together with an instruction manual and a small cloth bag. The instructions are written in German and English and are quite detailed with pictures. Here you can find again all the information about the application and the material. Especially for beginners, the long instructions are advantageous and answer any questions. In addition, a small cloth bag is included in the delivery, in which you can store the Lunette later. The bags are color-coordinated with the cup and can be easily pulled together and closed with two ribbon ties. Even in your purse, the Lunette is protected from dirt, and you always have it with you in the bag.

Lunette Menstrual Cup Reviews

Lunette Menstrual Cup Model 1 for Light Flow (Colors: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Violet)

Medical grade silicone.
Safe – wear it up to 12 hours and overnight.

Lunette Menstrual Cup Model 2 for Heavy Flow (Colors: Clear & Orange)

Medical grade silicone.
Contains No Latex.

Design and material

The Lunette is made of 100 percent medical silicone and offers a pleasant feeling from the very first touch. The surfaces appear smooth and supple. In addition, the material can be folded easily and still appears dimensionally stable. The Lunette has a stem at the end of the cup that is about 20 to 25 mm long. If necessary, this can be shortened at any time with a small pair of scissors. The stem itself has grooves to make it easier to insert and remove the cup later.

One advantage of the Lunette: there are small air holes on the upper edge.

They provide negative pressure as leakage protection and help later to release the pressure again and to pull the cup out again with a handle. In addition, the holes indicate that the cup is full. The top edge shows soft and smooth for easy insertion. There are no markings on the inside, as with other menstrual cups. On the other hand, bacteria do not accumulate on the smooth inside and the cups are easier to clean.

The design of the Lunette is fresh and dynamic. The cup itself is focused on the essentials and kept rather simple.

The Lunette is available in semi-transparent, which is less chosen by customers because of the transparent look. The dyes do not contain any heavy metals or plasticizers and are therefore safe to use, even for allergy sufferers.

The sizes compared - from 1 to 2

Data size

Size 1

Size 2

Diameter41 mm46 mm
Length47 mm52 mm
Measuring lines5 ml and 13.5 ml7.5 ml and 15 ml
Style25 mm20 mm
Capacity approx25 ml30 ml
ApplicationFor light bleeding.
For young women.
Suitable for teenagers.
For heavier bleeding.
For more mature women.
For women after pregnancy.

For women with a very deep cervix, model 1 is recommended because it is shorter overall and therefore more comfortable to wear. If you exercise regularly, your vaginal muscles will also strengthen.

For women who are in good physical shape, the Model 1 menstrual cup is also recommended because it adapts better to the vaginal walls. Women with a sensitive bladder should go for size 1 so that it can be used unnoticed throughout the day. In case of very heavy bleeding, rely on size two and change significantly less than you would with a Super Plus tampon.

Comfort and use

Wearing comfort and use up to 12 hours.

The Lunette can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time and does not need to be emptied overnight. Emptying should be done about 2-4 times a day with subsequent cleaning. For cleaning, the company even offers special wet wipes and soap. On the road, toilet paper and a little warm water are also sufficient to empty the menstrual cup. Many customers recommend boiling the cup after the period. The only important thing here is that the cup does not touch the hot bottom of the pot and should be stirred constantly. Before the period, it is sufficient to pour hot water over the Lunette.

Customers describe the application as very simple and suitable even for young girls. For example, the Lunette unfolds quickly after insertion and sits so that nothing can leak even during vigorous activity.

Through the stem, you can still push the Lunette a little in shape, if it does not yet fit perfectly. Only when pulling out can an unpleasant vacuum occur. You can release this vacuum by briefly pressing your finger against the sidewall of the cup or by squeezing the bottom. If you do not release the vacuum, simply pulling on the cup will hurt quite a bit. Inserting and removing the cup needs some practice in the beginning. Normally, you will not feel it when wearing it. The Lunette inserts even better with pH-neutral lubricant, which you smear on the upper ring. Many women have removed the stem directly, as it can be uncomfortable, especially when moving a lot or sitting for a long time. Instead, women with heavy bleeding swear by the Lunette. It lasts much longer than the combination of pads and tampons.

How to use Lunette Menstrual Cup?

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