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Have you already looked around for alternatives to pads or tampons? Then you will have also come across the topic of menstrual cups. Similar to other products in this area, the Lena Cup is bell-shaped and comfortable to wear.

The main advantage of the Lena Menstrual Cup is its large volume. You are protected for up to 12 hours and can go about your activities as usual.

In this guide, we show you everything you need to know about the Lena Cup, from its construction to its use and care. So you get a sustainable and cost-effective option for monthly hygiene.

A closer look at the packaging of Lena Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup supplied individually or in a double pack

You get the Lena Cup in attractive colorful packaging. The floral design does not immediately suggest that it is a menstrual cup. Thus, the company pays attention to discretion when sending the products. The packaging itself is made of 100 percent recycled material. In addition, the cardboard is FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) and only vegetable dyes are used for the special design. In addition to the Lena Cup itself, a small cloth bag is included for better storage on the go. This way, no dirt will get on the cup.

An advantage of the scope of delivery: you have the choice between a single cup and a double pack. So you use the different sizes, for example, for the different days of your bleeding.

Lena Menstrual Cups Reviews

Lena Menstrual Cup for Super Heavy Flow

For Beginner & Experienced.
Cervix height: Medium to High.
12h protection, day or night.

Lena Menstrual Cup Small & Large Size

Beginner & Experienced.
Cervix height: Any Height.
12h protection, day or night.

Lena Menstrual Cup for Sensitive Anatomies & for Super Heavy Flow

Beginner & Experienced.
Cervix height: Medium to High.
12h protection, day or night.

Lena Sensitive Small Size Soft Beginner Menstrual Cup for Regular Flow

Perfect for teens and adults.
Cervix height: Any Height.
Made of softer silicone.

Belly bell shape for more volume

The Lena Cup has a special shape. With its size of about 70 mm, it is one of the smaller models on the market and is suitable even for women with a deeper cervix. The special feature, however, is the slightly bulbous shape. Thus, the Lena Cup takes on even more of a bell shape than some other menstrual cups. This shape results in a larger content. The cup in size L has a volume of over 30 ml and offers you safe protection on the heavier days. A large volume allows you longer intervals before the cup must be emptied again. Especially in everyday life and in public toilets this is an advantage. So you empty the cup comfortably only at home.

The upper rim is widely flared and can therefore be better shaped. Underneath are the air holes, which make it easier for you to remove the cup. There are four small holes on each cup. The Lena Cup is made of 100% medical silicone and has a smooth surface. There is no logo or writing of the company shown. Only at the bottom edge, of the cup shows three grooves. They make it easier to grip when removing it. The stem has four grooves and is designed to be very flexible.

Tip: the stem can be shortened as desired for maximum comfort.

The hardness level is soft to medium. This makes the cup very flexible and unfolds well. Even women with strong pelvic floor muscles should have no problems with this model. Lena Cup has found a good compromise between the different hardnesses here. However, there is only this hardness level for both sizes. For particularly sensitive women, there is the Lena Sensitive Cup. It is suitable, for example, for young women with a not yet very pronounced pelvic floor.

Basically, you have a choice of four colors:

  • Transparent.
  • Pink.
  • Turquoise.
  • Purple.

The sizes compared - from S to L

Data size

Size S

Size L

Diameter41 mm45 mm
Length46 mm51 mm
Style25 mm20 mm
Capacity approx24 ml36 ml
Total length71 mm71 mm
ApplicationWomen up to 30 years.
Who have not yet given birth vaginally.
Weak to medium bleeding.
Women over 30 years of age.
Who have already given birth vaginally.
Heavy bleeding.

The two sizes S and L do not differ in their overall length. Only the volume and the upper diameter are decisive here. So if you have very heavy bleeding and need reliable protection, you should rather opt for the L-size cup. Hardly any other menstrual cup offers a volume of over 35 ml.

Odorless and spill-proof

A Lena Cup looks matte on the outside, yet feels soft and smooth. You can choose between different ways to fold the cup properly. The best way is to fold it in a place with a small hole. This makes it easier to shape the upper edge. Folded a little more pointedly, you can insert it more easily. Use water or lubricant to make the cup slip better. When inserted, the Lena Cup should unfold completely. Sometimes it is not easy to notice whether it is already fully unfolded. It is best to turn it a little on the stem, and it will take its proper place. The model is comfortable to wear, so you will not notice the cup.

Since the cup does not sit as deeply as a tampon, many women have to cut off the stem. A small pair of scissors is best for shortening it to the desired length or removing it completely. Of course, inserting and removing it takes some practice. You just need to relax a little, squat down, and take your time.

Tip: Tighten the pelvic floor slightly when removing.

If you have removed the stem completely, simply grasp the Lena Cup by the lower grooves. You should not simply pull it out by the stem anyway. The stem is very flexible and the vacuum could leave an uncomfortable feeling. It is best to simply press the cup in a little on the side and then pull it down. Tighten your pelvic floor and push the cup down a little further. This way you will be able to hold it better. All in all, customers describe the use as quite easy if you have some practice. The cups are odorless and do not overflow easily due to the large volume.

Conclusion & Evaluation

The Lena Cup is a medium-strength menstrual cup that appeals to many women. It convinces especially with a large volume of about 36 ml, which hardly any other cup has to offer. In a double pack, the Lena Cup is equally suitable for the light and the strong days. For women with a very firm pelvic floor, the material could nevertheless be a bit too soft. On the other hand, the Lena Cup is odorless, and you will not be restricted in your activities. Made in the USA, the cup meets the highest quality standards.

How To Insert and Remove Your LENA Menstrual Cup

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