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Did you ever experience one of the days when it seemed like your hair cannot do wrong? You have found a window of opportunity within a busy to-do list to spend a lot of time and pay extra focus on your hair.
As a result, you’ll enjoy bouncy, lush locks…or luxuriant beach waves… the type of appearance that any expert stylist would take pleasure in giving credit for.

These locks kept their breathtaking form, texture, volume, and luster throughout the day.

However, as the sun sets, the time comes to ask yourself this ultimate question:

What shall I do when going to bed?

” Everybody has to get good sleep… just ensure that your locks get ready for sleep!” Without a doubt: Whether you are blessed with natural locks… or if you get a hair perm keeping them safe during the night remains the toughest hair challenge you could meet. In other words, if you wish to maintain the vibrancy and shine of your hair longer than one day… you might require a few reliable methods to maintain your locks or waves at their peak as you sleep the night away. Keeping this in mind, we have listed below some fundamental techniques to safeguard your locks during the night. Just include them as part of your nightly regime and you will be able to raise your head from the pillow with locks bursting with vitality and prepared for daytime!
Depending on the length of your hair, the thickness of your curls and if you sleep with wet or dry hair, all you need to do is choose the method that is most suitable for you. We will present you with different options for sleeping with curly hair, allowing you to select the one that suits your hair perfectly.


This is the best way to lift the hair for curls in “S” shape or for beach waves. You should pull your curls up, forming a large ball on the top of your head. Apply a leave-in conditioner first, then pull your hair up to a high bun without pulling it too tight.

  • PLOP

A common way to sleep with locks to prevent them from deforming or getting loose is “plop”. Using this method, you first put a gel on your hair, then you put a microfiber cloth on a shallow surface and lay your head over it allowing you to plop over yourself on the cloth. Afterward, you need to secure the edges of the cloth to keep it safely on the head. Using the cloth will reduce the time it takes to dry and the “curl” will settle nicely.


If your hair is too short or you have a perm on a bob, you may not be able to tuck all your hair together so that you can make a high bun at the top of your head, but don’t let that stop you. Instead of a single, central bun, you can also make three buns spread around your head.


If you have chosen a beach perm, it is best to braid your hair at night. Do not overtighten your braids, just make one or two loose braids. Loose braids will help you maintain your curl pattern, while tighter braids will give you more curls.


Can I sleep on my newly permed hair?

With a new perm, you can sleep completely. It will not harm the curls. That is why it is called a “perm”, or “perm” for short. Once it is in, it is in. The only thing you have to think about is not to wash or care for it in the first 48 hours. If you sleep on it and it gets flat, just mist it with some water and crunch it and you will reactivate the curls. You can wet them in the first 48 hours, but you cannot wash them.

Good daily routine for permed hair

Permanent hair can look gorgeous and sophisticated, but it’s not effortless. In its own way, it is as easy to care for as natural hair. Because chemical perming is a harsh process, caring for your curls is essential to maintaining their health. A proper permanent wave treatment doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, but it should be consistent. Here is what you need to start and how to do it.

  • Shampoo and conditioner

Choose a high-quality moisturizing shampoo for permed hair and apply it at least once a week. Start by washing your scalp and rubbing it with the fingertips in circular movements (do not use your nails), then let the water absorb the soap solution along the entire length of your curls. Prevent the hair from piling up on your head or massage your ends aggressively with shampoo. Wash out well.
Then use a moisturizing conditioner for dehydrated and/or damaged hair, as it usually contains the care ingredients necessary for permanent hair. You want a rich, creamy formulation that completely covers your hair.
Concentrate the product on the hair stem and avoid using it on the scalp. Use a wide-tooth comb to thoroughly condition and completely nourish your hair. Allow the solution to soak in for a few minutes and wash out.
Instead of applying shampoo every time you need to wash your hair, you can rinse it out instead (conditioner only).

  • Deep conditioner

How often do you need deeper conditioning? That all depends on how dry your hair is. If you follow a careful hair care regimen and apply a leave-in after every shampoo, you will likely require no more than one or two deep conditioning treatments per month.
However, if you use plenty of heat on your hair, you should use deep conditioning treatments minimum one time per week.

  • Protein Treatment

The frequency with which you require protein therapy is also determined by what your locks have undergone. When your locks are 100% virgin – meaning no chemicals, including dye – your hair may be completely healthful with no need for extensive protein sessions. (An occasional gentle conditioner maintains your hair strength, but that’s not required).

Conversely, if you color, relax, perm, or heat style your locks, you will require more regular and intense procedures. These can vary from two-minute conditioners that you use after a shampoo, right up to sprays that you apply before you start styling.

In addition, you might require more substantial care if you suffer from severe breakage. If this happens, it is typically preferable to see a professional stylist, although you can get efficient products available at your nearest cosmetic store.

  • Products for everyday styling

Permed hair profits from regular use of hair oil or leave-in conditioner. When creating a wavy look with a straw set, Bantu knots, or plaits, mousse is a necessity.

  • Keep to it

Consequent hair treatment is essential for healthy curls. If by chance you suffer from a severe ailment or miss a few months of treatment with the protein, your locks are going to pay the cost. Keeping a hair journal might be beneficial before routine becomes second nature for you. Quite regularly you may have to devote time to hair treatment; taking proactive steps may help to prevent trouble entirely.


Products for Permed Hair

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How to maintain permed hair

1. Do not wash it during the first three days

Um… yeah… it’s kind of annoying, but the fact that it’s a one-time thing makes it a little easier to deal with. Don’t worry because this is one of those curly perm care tips that your stylist will mention when your perm is done so you know exactly how long you won’t have to wash it. Be patient and try not to bend this well-known rule, because the point is to give your new texture enough time to make your curls look good and last long.

2. Do not straighten too often

Too frequent blow-drying and flat ironing messes up your curls so that they don’t curl, but curl and ripple, giving your hair a very uneven texture that will probably drive you crazy. You can afford to aim for an elegant, glamorous look here and there, but try to leave your heated tools aside and don’t touch them unless you need a completely different hairstyle for special occasions. I know that when I mention this as a tip to keep a curly perm, I get a lot of frowning from you, but think about it – what is the point of getting a perm if you end up resisting it?

3. Condition good

Damaged hair looks quite awful regardless of how you style it, though we must acknowledge that curls are likely to be the worst option to rock severely damaged tresses. The answer? Condition well and often and leave your hair no opportunity to be affected. Conditioning a permed hair is fairly easy if you choose not to dye your hair and are prepared to pay for a high-quality perm that doesn’t frizz your hair, since routine conditioner and deep conditioning is everything you really need. If you fear that the combination of dye and perms may harm your hair, we recommend that you always carry out one or two monthly sessions with hot oil. Girls who have had negative results with the old, ultra-powerful “grandma” permanent waves are advised to apply genuinely powerful natural oil treatments during the night since these can do wonders for extremely stressed hair!

4. Carefully untangle

No matter if natural hair or perms, curly hair has to be treated carefully and softly! Head to the closest cosmetics store and buy a wide-toothed comb and a smooth paddle brush! Use the comb to detangle wet hair before you apply curl conditioner and let it air dry or to untangle bigger knots and tangles if your hair is dry. When your hair is almost smooth, you can brush your hair to get a perfect dry detangling effect. Then let your wet hands go through your hair a couple of times to revitalize the curling tools and restore your now frizzy, fluffy curls to a more defined look. Give it a try – we are certain you will appreciate this method!

5. Regular trimming

This may sound a bit counterproductive, however, regular trimming is actually the way to springy, well-defined locks! According to the tips for preserving a curly perm, this might simply be the most basic one you can find! But why, oh why, may be a question some of you will ask. Well, ladies, in fact, it’s really simple – Trim helps you keep this perfect form and prevent cycles where hair appears to swell in all the wrong places and remove split and broken ends which have lost their curl look. Trimming is like a conditioning session and mini-perm all in one – it leaves hair appearing ten times more healthy-looking and locks ten times more fresh-looking!

How to maintain permed hair

How to keep permed hair curly

To keep your fresh locks glossy, you should leave your hair to air-dry as long as possible before using a diffuser. If you wish to enhance your locks, you may also choose to use a curler.

So how about a thermal treatment? Of course, you can do this, but you need to be cautious. When using an iron, take care to keep the temperature cooler, around 300oF. If the iron is overheated, you are in danger of burning your perm. When you use the iron at 450oF, you will splash all the water from your hair. This will shock your hair and you risk damaging your perm because of heat shock.

There are some tips you may want to follow to keep your permanent wave looking as nice as it can be for the longest time possible. Finally, once your hair is wavy, you have to begin applying products that are specially formulated for curly or wavy hair. We propose a range of products that enhance suppleness, moisturization, and resilience.

How can I protect my curls while sleeping

Everyone knows perfectly how much time the morning ritual can last to get the locks prepared for the day. Based on the length of your hair, getting up every morning to make your hair can last from just ten minutes to an hour – excluding even the time needed for washing and drying! However, it is possible to prevent you from styling your hair over a long period during the morning by styling your hair the night before! Remember, less movement in your hair while drying leads to reduced frizz and increased control. Sleeping with no movement is not real, yet there are features that enable you to make your hair at night to allow you more sleep in the morning!


  • Air dry your hair for as long as you can – Treat your hair as usual, however, attempt to air dry your hair thoroughly before bedtime if possible. While your hair is dry on the surface, you can rest in comfort. Pay attention that your hair is not wet when going to bed, as you may become sick during colder weather.
  • Protect your hair – When you protect your hair the night before, be sure that your curls are at their best on awakening. If your curls are loose, put all of your hair on top of your head and hold it in place using the roller clips. This will give you a smoother “S” shape and a more beautiful hairdo in the morning. Alternatively, you can try the pineapple technique (stacking the locks on top of your head) the evening before to make sure your locks are left untouched. This will ensure that your locks will be much less active and will dry correctly and without distraction during sleep.
  • Use a satin pillowcase – Exchange your cotton pillowcase for a satin pillowcase! Rubbing on cotton pillowcases can cause your locks to tear and split during sleep, and this is bad for you when trying to get long, healthy locks. Satin pillowcases tend to be way softer and more gentle on your locks and won’t soak up anything while you sleep on them. Unless you can get a satin pillowcase, you might prefer sleeping on a satin cover instead.


  • Once you wake up with frizzy hair, no problem! – So you kept following all the steps mentioned before and still woke up with >ruffled hair. Nothing to worry about. If you have used the Curl Keeper the previous evening to form your locks, it can be easily revitalized with some water. Simply wet your palms and run them through the untidy area and you will quickly restore your locks with no frizz. Then air-dry your hair or alternatively use a diffuser and bring your locks back to shape.
  • Use a holding product – To ensure that your curls are perfect and will last all day or for several days, use a holding gel or hold cream to keep your curls in top condition.
  • If you go to bed with your hair still wet, it doesn’t have to be unpleasant. If done properly, it can be just as effective as doing your hair when you wake up. So if you want to close your eyes a few minutes longer at night, try styling your hair the night before for fantastic results!
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