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Hair Color Stain Removal – 12 Tips for Skin, Clothing and Sink

When coloring hair, the color tends to end up in places where it doesn’t belong. With the right means, the stains can be removed again quite well. Dyeing hair has become a hobby for many women.

Stains from hair dyeing are often difficult to remove. At first, they are not visible, but over time they darken.

They are then very difficult to remove again. But do not despair! Today we tell you how you can quickly and easily remove hair color stains.

Hair color stains: prevention is better than cure

With a few tricks, hair color stains won’t get on your skin, clothes, or surroundings in the first place. In order not to get stains on new clothes, you should get an outfit that can quietly get dirty. Old long-sleeves are suitable because this also prevents stains from landing on your arms. Also, invest in a protective cape that will protect your clothes from stains. An old towel wrapped around your shoulders will also keep most of it away.

To protect the surrounding area from hair color stains, remove all textiles such as towels, bath mats, and washcloths from the bathroom within splashing distance. This way, there is less chance of anything getting affected.

To prevent stains on the skin, it is best to use a greasy cream. It is distributed everywhere where hair color could get.

So at the hairline, ears, and neck. You can also apply it to your arms and wrists.

how to remove hair dye from skin

Remove hair color from the skin

But how do you get hair color off your skin when it’s already too late? Face, arms and hands are often the most affected. But we have the tips and tricks on how to get everything clean again quickly.

  • Trick #1: Lemon juice

Whether you squeeze a lemon or use lemon juice concentrate, the effect is the same: The skin becomes clean again. Apply the lemon juice to a cotton pad and gently rub it over the skin.

  • Trick #2: Nail polish remover

The nail polish remover is also put on a cotton pad and pushed over the skin with light pressure. The eyes are left out, and you should also not use the nail polish remover near the mouth and nose. Since nail polish remover dries out the skin a lot, you should apply a good cream to your skin afterward.

  • Trick #3: Baby oil

Apply the baby oil to the stain with your fingers, leave it on for a short time and remove it with a cosmetic tissue. If the stains do not go away the first time, repeat the procedure. For stubborn stains, the baby oil can be applied thickly overnight. In the morning, remove again with a cosmetic tissue. By the way, the whole thing also works with oily makeup remover and other beauty products containing oil.

  • Trick #4: Aftershave

If you have aftershave in the house, you can put it on your skin with your fingers, massage it in and remove the stain with a cotton pad.

  • Trick #5: Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a versatile home remedy and best for removing stubborn paint stains on the skin. It acts as an exfoliant with a bleaching effect. To do this, put a little toothpaste on your finger and apply it to the skin in circular motions. After about 30 seconds, the skin should be clean. Now just wash off the toothpaste and apply the cream to the skin to prevent it from getting dry.

  • Trick #6: Dishwashing liquid

Liquid dishwashing liquid works better than soap because often all the substances can be dissolved from the skin. Apply the undiluted liquid dishwashing liquid to the skin with your fingers and rub in circular motions. Then wash the areas with warm water. Repeat until the paint has been completely removed.

Remove hair color from sinks and bathroom fixtures

Remove hair color from sinks and bathroom fixtures

Stains quickly appear in the sink or on bathroom fixtures. Since these are a bit sensitive, the stains keep darkening even after wiping them off. But how can they be removed permanently?

  • Possibility #1: Wipe directly

If you notice a stain, don’t let it dry on first, wipe it off directly. This is the only way to ensure that it does not soak in and darken again and again. Plenty of water and a rag will do the trick.

  • Option #2: Glass-ceramic cleaner

The glass-ceramic cleaner is applied to the stain and worked in with a rag. Then rinse everything well and everything shines again in new splendor.

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