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The DivaCup can be worn for up to 12 hours, is easy to care for, and tolerates many recreational activities.

The DivaCup is the only company in the world to boast a cup with ISO certification for medical devices on the market.

Want to eliminate the need for pads or tampons during your period in the future? Then the DivaCup might be a suitable choice for you. In the following review, we will talk more about the design and comfort of the cup.

A closer look at the packaging of DivaCup Menstrual Cup

Scope of delivery for the DivaCup – cloth bag and cup

The DivaCup can be chosen in two different sizes. It comes in a colorful and attractive box, which at the same time looks discreet. An instruction manual is already included in the box and gives important hints for the first steps with the cup. In addition to the cup itself, a small cloth bag in a modern design is included as an accessory. This way you can easily put the cup in your pocket later and protect it from dirt and other influences. Nevertheless, you always have it with you in case you need it.

DivaCup Reviews

DivaCup Menstrual Cup Model 0

For ages 18 and under.
Wear up to 12-hrs.
100% medical grade silicone.

DivaCup Menstrual Cup Model 1

For the ages of 19 and 30 and have a medium menstrual flow.
Wear for up to 12-hrs.
No chemicals, plastic, or dyes.

DivaCup Menstrual Cup Model 2

For the age of 30 and/or have a heavier menstrual flow.
Wear for up to 12-hrs.
100% medical-grade silicone.

Design and material

The DivaCup is made of medical silicone, which can be used without any problems even by people with allergies and sensitive skin. In the best case, you will not feel the cup, and you will get a pleasant wearing comfort. Compared to other menstrual cups, DivaCup has a very short stem. It is only 1 cm long and the cup is slightly higher. The short stem is open at the bottom and round. It feels very soft and can be shortened at any time with scissors.

Disadvantage: there are no different colors

Each DivaCup has the same design. It is slightly transparent and cannot compete with colorful cups. In addition, some women are bothered by the transparent look, as the monthly blood is thus even more visible when changing. Ultimately, the wearing comfort and ease of use are what count.

The material is very soft and especially at the upper edge very cuddly.

The goblet is labeled with the company’s logo on the inside. Just below the rim are four small holes to hold the vacuum and function as a natural overflow.

There is a small ml indication noted inside. There is a line for 15 ml about halfway down the cup. After that, there is still some room for the four small holes, so the DivaCup holds at least 20 ml. The grooves at the bottom of the cup are striking. This makes it much easier to grip. However, the elongated cup is not well-received by all women. Trial and error are called for here.

The sizes compared - from 1 to 2

Data size

Size 1

Size 2

Diameter42 mm45 mm
Length57 mm56 mm
Style10 mm10 mm
Capacity approx28 ml35 ml
Measuring linesNoneNone
ApplicationFor women up to 30 years.
For all who have not yet given birth vaginally.
Light bleeding.
For women over 30.
For all who have already given birth vaginally.
Heavy bleeding.

Your own body type and the strength of your menstruation determine the choice of the right size. If you have not yet given birth or generally only have very light bleeding, size 1 will be best. For all women with heavier bleeding, for example, due to vaginal delivery or older age, size 2 should be chosen. It then fits better against the vaginal wall and absorbs significantly more menstrual blood inside.

Your advantage: you need to clean the cup less often during the day. In addition, the vaginal muscles slowly relax, which means that size two often fits better in women over 30, according to DivaCup.

Comfort and use

The DivaCup may remain in place for up to 10 hours without being emptied. Of course, only if the strength of the bleeding allows it. So you can wear the cup overnight without any problems. However, many users recommend a thin cloth sanitary napkin or cloth panty liner for safety. During the day, the cup must be emptied twice to six times, depending on the strength. To do this, simply dispose of the contents in the toilet and wipe out the cup with some toilet paper or wet wipes.

However, the best way is to clean it under running water, as most users recommend.

For insertion, you need a lot of rest and a relaxed position, for example, squatting or directly over the toilet. Moisten the upper rim slightly and then insert the folded cup. Despite the short stem, it may still be too long. If it bothers you while sitting, simply cut it a little shorter. DivaCup has made the grooves at the bottom for this very purpose, so you can grip it better later. Just pulling on the stem will leave you in pain anyway, as the cup has a vacuum. You have to press it slightly on the outside, and then you can remove it better.

Attention: the elongated shape is not well-received by all ladies. Some describe even size 1 as still too big.

The under-pressure can take some getting used to at first. In no case should the cup bother you or be noticeable all the time. If it does not fit properly, try to turn it and position it better. In the beginning, something can go wrong from time to time if you still lack practice inserting it. So keep a few pads handy for protection. Many users appreciate the DivaCup especially when swimming and in the sauna, because you can no longer see the band.

Note: Discoloration can occur on the cup over time. Simply boil the cup after each cycle as described in the instructions. Despite discoloration, the DivaCup can still be used.

How to choose the right size of the DivaCup?

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