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In our fast-paced times, more and more people are suffering from stress, which can also manifest itself in physical complaints. Headaches, digestive problems and tension are just some of the symptoms that can be triggered by too much pressure in everyday life.

In order to get rid of the tensions and increase well-being, a chi machine can be the appropriate tool. In this article, you will learn what functions a chi machine offers you and what is important when testing chi machines.

The most important facts in a nutshell


  • Chi machines were invented in the late 1980s by Japanese physician Shizou Inoue. They are the modern equivalent of the ancient shaking therapy.
  • The use of a chi machine can provide relief from numerous ailments. In addition to relieving physical tension, treatment with a chi machine is said to increase mental and spiritual well-being.
  • Chi machines are not only used to treat the feet. The movement pattern triggered by the chi machine extends throughout the entire body.

If your time you can spend on fitness is limited, a chi machine can be the appropriate support for your wellness ambitions.

Chi machines are not only used to take care of your feet, but they also have a beneficial effect on your back and are said to increase the vitality of your entire body.

Some devices offer additional functions that are supposed to have as positive an effect on your health as a manual foot massage.

How do the beneficial vibrations and additional functions work?

Although it might seem that a chi machine is a foot massager, vibrating chi machines are said to be good for the whole body. Chi machines put the body into eight-shaped vibrations. Accordingly, the vibrating chi machines are not only good for the feet.

Chi machines also have a relaxing effect on the legs. Chi machines are designed for the whole body and have been used successfully for decades.

An additional function that some chi machines have ready for the legs and feet is the use as a foot massager. In this case, circular balls or vibrating nubs are supposed to provide relaxation for the feet.

Pay attention to variable frequency: In order for the use of a chi machine to achieve the optimal effect, it should be possible to adjust the frequency of the vibrations to your individual needs. Some devices also offer automatic programs, during the application of which different speed levels are run through.

When testing chi machines, you will notice that chi machines vary in quietness. You will not find the most silent chi machines in the lowest price range. As in many other categories, reduced operating noise comes at a price.

Chi machines are equipped with at least one cable to supply electrical power. Some Chi machines come with two cables. The second cable connects the remote control to the machine. We briefly present the different types of chi machines clearly in a table:

Chi machine typeFeatures
Chi machine without additional function:

  • application in lying position for the whole body;

  • simple operation;

  • reduced range of functions;

  • partly with automatic programs.

Chi machine with foot massage:

  • application in lying or sitting position;

  • additional massage function;

  • partly infrared application;

  • higher expenditure of time and energy.

Why are the additional functions only useful if there is enough time?

Many interested people are attracted by the additional functions when testing chi machines. With the additional functions, you get a better and more comprehensive wellness experience, which can put the relatively expensive purchase costs into perspective. However, the best features will only benefit you if you have enough time to use them. Chi machines that are equipped with a timer can effectively support your workout.

Experiences with chi machines have shown that expectations about the effects of the chi machine and the areas of application are quite different. Before using it, you should read about the modes of operation and types of massage in the chi machine instructions.

In case of a herniated disc, the chi machine should never be used without prior medical advice. The same applies to the use of the chi machine for other spinal disorders.

Supporting your weight loss efforts with a chi machine, on the other hand, can’t hurt.

Focusing on the essentials – chi machines without additional functions

In addition to the weight and size and whether the chi machine should be with cable, the price and the cover material usually play a role in tests of chi massagers. Also, whether the remote control of the chi machine is wireless can be important in a purchase consultation.

Advantages and disadvantages of a chi machine without additional functions:


  • simple operation;
  • holistic effect on the whole body;
  • application in the relaxed lying position.


  • no massage function;
  • no infrared treatment.

Infrared radiation and massage as additional feel-good factors

The devices with additional functions score not only with massage balls or nubs, but they partly also offer to warm and relaxing infrared function. The heat additionally relaxes and loosens your muscles. Chi machines with additional functions still have these features:


  • holistic application while lying down;
  • foot massage while sitting;
  • additional relaxation effect through infrared.


  • higher power consumption;
  • more demanding operation.

Chi Machine Reviews

Best Detox Foot Spa Machine for Home Use

Hitian Detox Foot SPA Aqua CHI Cleanse Machine

Hitian Detox Foot SPA Aqua CHI Cleanse Machine

4,8 Rating

Regain health & vitality. Support your immune system.
Pre-Programmed for a 30 minute well Balanced Detox.

Best Dual Ionic Chi Cleanse Machine

Cell Spa Dual Ionic Ion Detox Aqua Foot Spa Chi Cleanse Machine

Cell Spa Dual Ionic Ion Detox Aqua Foot Spa Chi Cleanse Machine

4,5 Rating

With Mp3 music player.
It is not recommended for persons with a pacemaker to undertake this therapy.

Best Passive Aerobic Exerciser

Daiwa Felicity Original Chi Swing Machine

Daiwa Felicity Original Chi Swing Machine

4,3 Rating

Encourages lymphatic flow.
Max RPM 140.

Best Chi Vitalizer Machine

Healthy Happy Long Life Chi Vitalizer Machine

Healthy Happy Long Life Chi Vitalizer Machine

4,5 Rating

Increases circulation and promotes proper blood flow.
Helps to realign spine & relax your back muscles.

What are the interesting questions about chi machine testing?

What is the effect of a chi machine?

The chi machine is primarily intended to have a relaxing effect on the body. It is supposed to release blockages in the muscles and lead to a state of general relaxation.

If you want to add a little relaxation to your daily life, a chi machine is the right thing to do.

Proponents of chi machines go a step further, promising better oxygen intake and relief from a wide variety of ailments. These include physical ailments such as muscle blockages and tension, as well as headaches and other stress-related symptoms. The application aims at a balanced inner being, which positively supports the body in its functions.

What is a chi machine?

Externally, a chi machine resembles a small stool with two indentations for the feet on the top. When lying down, the feet are placed in the two indentations. After starting the chi machine, the movable bar begins to perform an oscillating movement.

Due to the permanent movement from left to right and back again, the whole body is set into oscillation. The effect of the chi machine is said to be the relaxation of tension and the elimination of stress-related symptoms.

Caution: If you suffer from a chronic disease, have problems with the musculoskeletal system or are pregnant, you should definitely talk to your trusted doctor before using a chi machine. The use is problematic after surgical interventions, in case of severe infections, thromboses, and chronic heart diseases, among others.

How often and how long can I use a chi machine?

The use of a chi machine is one of the gentle methods of treatment for physical or mental ailments. In addition, it is used by some users to achieve a wellness effect.

Many manufacturers promise a significant effect already from an application duration of 15 minutes. If you are untrained in physical exercises, you should approach this application duration slowly. It is best to start with a few minutes and then increase the duration of the application step by step.

If you experience discomfort while using the chi machine, you should interrupt the application and first consult a doctor to clarify the causes.


What are the useful purchase criteria for chi machines?

Weight and size of the device

Depending on the manufacturer, chi machines weigh approximately between four and eight kilograms. Especially the higher quality models are somewhat heavier than their less expensive alternatives. For older people with possible disc problems or other back ailments, this could become a problem if they have to lift the chi machine to put it in the right position.

Another criterion is the height or size of the machine. The optimal height should be about 22-35 cm. Basically, most products on the market have a height that settles at about 30-35 cm.

Workmanship and comfort

Of course, you must feel comfortable with the device. Therefore, comfort should be an important criterion of any chi-machine test. When it comes to the workmanship of a chi machine, the main question is: Do you want above-average comfort? Or is a slimmed-down but probably less expensive version enough for you? The material of a chi machine is basically plastic or metal, with the majority of manufacturers opting for the lighter plastic variant.

In terms of workmanship, however, differences become apparent depending on the brand. Some entry-level machines are relatively cheap and do not look particularly well-made. You should make sure that you choose a chi machine that is sturdy and stable. After all, the device should also last a while.

The forerunner of all chi trainers is the Japanese original: the Sun Ancon chi machine. Its technical features were researched by the Japanese physician Dr. Shizou Inoue over years on more than 100,000 patients and optimized so that it has the optimal combination of vibration frequency, vibration movement, and comfort. Of course, you don’t have to choose a Sun Ancon Chi machine exclusively. Other devices can also match the standards of the original.

If you want to enjoy a chi machine with a bit of comfort, you should definitely make sure that the footrest is sufficiently padded. Another bonus is the silent technology that a majority of the machines feature these days. Due to an improved design, these machines are significantly quieter than their peers. Basics in terms of comfort include both different speed settings and, in most cases, a couple of automatic programs.

Tip: Using a chi massager is said to significantly lower stress levels when used regularly. Some claim that the wave-like motion drains stress hormones faster. So, declare war on stress!


FAQ - Chi-Machines

❓ How often can I use a chi machine?

On the whole, there is nothing wrong with using a chi machine regularly. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in moderation! Especially in the beginning you should not overdo it with the frequency. Also, the length of the application should be increased slowly and steadily. So it’s best not to start with 15 minutes right away, but to slowly feel your way forward and see what do you good.

Basically, you should always make sure to use the chi machine only 30 minutes after a meal, with larger meals you can even take a longer break. If you experience severe pain during use, please turn off the machine and have your pain checked out by a doctor first before using it again. Veterans of the chi industry believe that temporary feelings of dizziness or mild nausea are normal and the result of the release of toxins that have been flushed out. However, if in doubt, it is better not to take any chances and check with your doctor about using a chi machine if you experience regular discomfort. In addition, you should significantly reduce the application time the next time.

❓ Can I use a chi machine if I am pregnant or have circulation problems?

You should definitely refrain from using a chi machine during pregnancy. It is also not recommended using a chi machine after a major surgical procedure within three months, immediately after broken bones, if you have a serious heart condition (such as a cardiac arrhythmia), leg thrombosis, serious infections, bleeding injuries, or epilepsy. If you are unsure whether a chi machine is suitable for you, talk to a doctor first. He or she will then give you an individual recommendation.

❓ Does it have to be an original Sun Ancon Chi machine?

Of course, you don’t have to buy the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Although the effect of this chi machine has been scientifically proven by studies, you can still find similar, less expensive products on the market that are just as satisfactory in terms of workmanship. For example, you can find comparable models in the mid-priced products from our comparison table. In case you can’t do without an original Sun Ancon chi machine, but would like to save a bit, there is also the possibility of purchasing such a chi machine second-hand. If you are unsure which is the best chi machine for you, you can ask a professional (e.g. a rehabilitation center or a center for traditional Chinese medicine) for buying advice.

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